from Japan …

The other day I finally received a bottle of ink I ordered back in October. I'd pretty much given up hope. Since I believed this particular ink would be my “grail blue”, I was weighing back and forth whether to re-order it from elsewhere. I opened the package, and together with the bottle, out came… Continue reading from Japan …


nice cover

For the longest time, I've been wanting a refillable leather cover for my Seven Seas notebook. There are those made specifically for this notebook, but they've been out of stock since last year some time. I've looked elsewhere, but wasn't sure the measurements would fit exactly. Besides the one in their website looked so nice so… Continue reading nice cover

impulse purchase

On Boxing Day [the day after Christmas], I was aimlessly browsing Amazon when this fountain pen appeared before me. It wasn't on my radar -- I'm not even sure it's a pen I would have been interested in normally. However, the picture and the price appealed to me, and I thought “What the heck?! I'll… Continue reading impulse purchase

it’s a bit like photography

This whole fountain pen business reminds me at times about the DSLR camera: paper, pen, ink ... ISO, aperture, shutter speed. You can't change one without changing the others. Almost. When I started out, I found out about Clairefontaine paper and thought it was heavenly. After a while a pen pal in Germany sent me… Continue reading it’s a bit like photography