another #3776

After having been almost euphoric about the blue Platinum #3776, I fell hard when I saw the photo of a new, pink one they were about to release. There were ways to pre-order from various American retailers, but I chose to go with the same, Japanese stationery store I'd ordered to blue from. This time,… Continue reading another #3776


impulse purchase

On Boxing Day [the day after Christmas], I was aimlessly browsing Amazon when this fountain pen appeared before me. It wasn't on my radar -- I'm not even sure it's a pen I would have been interested in normally. However, the picture and the price appealed to me, and I thought “What the heck?! I'll… Continue reading impulse purchase

dotted paper

Got a notebook from Goulet with dotted Tomoé River paper. I've never used that before. Thought perhaps it would be good for practicing/improving my handwriting. After all ... that was one of the basic ideas I had when all this fountain pen stuff started. I just wanted to get a decent handwriting for 'daily use'… Continue reading dotted paper